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Strona DIY, która szczerze uwielbiam

Choc jest podobna do zszywki i pinspire, jednak jej autorka daje nam jeszcze bradziej orginalne pomysły na siebie i swój image. Zdjęcia poprzedzają kolaże, wykonane bardzo atrakcyjnie. Można nawet kupic książkę z przepisami na udany DIY. Pokaże wam teraz kilka pomysłów autorki i zapraszam na jej niesamowita stronę.

Step into the spotlight in the coolest of shades with a nod to retro Hollywood glamour. Tom Ford masters sexy chic with frames that bring stylish drama to any look, day or night. Make a statement and prove your future’s so bright with this purrrfect DIY. 
To create, re purpose an old pair of sunnies by adding a shapely accent. Decide on the shape and style for your pattern and trace onto paper. Create two of these and “test” on your sunglasses to make sure you’re happy with the shape and size. Trace the pattern onto a think black piece of fabric or leather.  Use glue to secure onto each frame.

Everything’s coming up roses!  Sweet smelling resin rosebuds have wooed us over in a major way.  Prada boasted delicate floral details on everything from dresses to dangly earrings.   Who What Wear and I have both been drooling over the  Italian fashion house’s coveted Crystal rose earring and agreed we should plant our DIY seed and grow ourselves a pair, inspired by these lovlies.  And yes, you should too!
To create:  Use wire cutters to snip rhinestone trim into two equal pieces (this will determine how long you wish your earrings to hang).  String fishing line through the flower bead and double knot around rhinestone trim and snip.   For extra hold, you may want to dab clear nail polish on your knot.  Apply a small amount of  krazy glue to attach the applique to the back of the chain.  Make sure the flower bead, rhinestone trim and applique are all facing the same direction.  Wait until glue has dried, and adhere earring backs to the back of the flower bead with glue. 

Stripes Ahoy! From the high seas to the haute summer streets, fashionistas have been lining up for this classic nautical look ever since French fashion pioneer Coco Chanel famously incorporated it into her personal resort style.   Embraced and carried through the seasons by generations of designers from Jean Paul Gaultier to Marc Jacobs to The Row, stripes stretch beyond trend.   Add a dash of DIY by re-purposing a retired T to create the perfect summer pouch with a pop of color, and show us why your motto is stripes and stripes forever!

To create, grab a striped tee, turn inside out and wrap rubber bands tightly around each sleeve.  Cinch the waist, and wrap two bands around tightly for extra support.  Keep in mind, the further down you gather and wrap, the larger your bag will be.  Snip a 1/2” inch below each rubber band and flip fabric right side out.  Find a long zipper  in a fun contrasting color and secure to the opposite sides of the neck by stitching.  P.S.- Reinforce stitches by sewing with thread doubled.

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